Kyuha (Q) Shim is Assistant Professor in the School of Design and Faculty Affiliate of the MSCD Computational Design program in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). His research and teaching focuses on how we design systems for visual communication using both emerging technologies and fundamental principles from traditional design practice.

Q teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses. He currently teaches required courses such as: Freshmen Design Lab and Workshop, Junior Communications Studio IV: Designing Systems, and Graduate Design Studio I. The studio topics introduces visual design fundamentals in Freshmen studio, time-based and responsive systems in digital design in Junior studio, and interaction-driven product, communication and environment for service and social innovation in Graduate studio.

Q developed and taught the following elective courses: Computational Design Thinking and Information and Space, both of which speculate the future of visual communication informed by computation. He encourages students to take a ‘what if’ approach to explore creative design opportunities beyond direct implementation of new technologies.

Prior to CMU, he held faculty positions at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the Royal College of Art (RCA). At RISD (2012-13) and RCA (2014), his teaching focused on code-driven, experimental and multi-sensory systems in art and design that use emergent methods, such as algorithmic and generative design using computation. Among the courses that he developed at RISD, his teaching materials for his course Form+Code was awarded by Adobe in the faculty category of Adobe Design Achievement Award in 2013.