Visualizing Design Census

CMU School of Design
- Communications Design Studio IV (Spring 2017, 2018)

The AIGA Census is an annual survey of demographic information about designers by AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). Students work in groups of four to examine and visually represent thousands of responses from the open data sets on the AIGA Design Census website and discuss what they can learn from it. They form and send questionnaires to CMU School of Design alumni to understand the changing values and various paths taken within their community. Based on the responses, they create a website, booklet and poster.

AIGA Design Census by Sara Fields, Treat Swarstad, Bettina Chou, Emily Mongilio, and Lily Fulop
Semi-finalist in the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Award

CMU Design Census by Jessica Headrick, Steven Ji, Albert Yang, Faith Kaufman, and Deborah Lee
Winner in the 2017 Print Regional Design Annual