Visualizing Design Census
51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2017–21)

AIGA Design Census by Sara Fields, Treat Swarstad, Bettina Chou, Emily Mongilio, and Lily Fulop
Semi-finalist in the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Award

Eyes on Designers by Christine Chen, Mauro Magarelli, Zoe Attwood, and Ikjong Choi

AIGA Design Census by Alice Fang, Rachel Lee, and Jaclyn Saik

AIGA Monsters by Maddy Cha, Alissa Chan, Katie Chen, and Rachel Glasser

Glimpse into the Future by Mimi Jiao, Jenna Kim, Sophia Kim, and Jenni Lee

CMU Design Census by Jessica Headrick, Steven Ji, Faith Kaufman, Deborah Lee, and Albert Yang
Winner in the 2017 Print Regional Design Annual