2015–22 at CMU

Visualizing Design Census
51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2017–21)

AIGA Design Census by Sara Fields, Treat Swarstad, Bettina Chou, Emily Mongilio, and Lily Fulop
Semi-finalist in the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Award

Eyes on Designers by Christine Chen, Mauro Magarelli, Zoe Attwood, and Ikjong Choi

AIGA Design Census by Alice Fang, Rachel Lee, and Jaclyn Saik

AIGA Monsters by Maddy Cha, Alissa Chan, Katie Chen, and Rachel Glasser

Glimpse into the Future by Mimi Jiao, Jenna Kim, Sophia Kim, and Jenni Lee

CMU Design Census by Jessica Headrick, Steven Ji, Faith Kaufman, Deborah Lee, and Albert Yang
Winner in the 2017 Print Regional Design Annual

Speculating Museum Futures
51.711 - MDes/MPS Designing for Interactions (Fall 2017–19)

Curate by Zach Bachiri, Katie Herzog, Joseph Hines, and Mary Tsai

Aspen by Zahin Ali, Suzanne Choi, Brendon Gouveia, and Denise Nguyen

Futurium (VR) by Corine Britto, Ema Karavdic, Tilo Krueger, and Ulu Mills

Home of (VR) by Jaeyeon Huh, Anukriti Kedia, Khushi Shah, and Emma Zelenko

Shaping Intelligent Agents
51.711 - MDes/MPS Designing for Interactions (Fall 2018–20)
51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2019–20)
51.367/51.667 - Computational Design Thinking (Fall 2018)

Honda Curo by Alice Fang, Elizabeth Han, and Taery Kim

Kai & Curai by Tilo Krueger, Anukriti Kedia, and Josh LeFevre

Abbi by Maddy Cha, Alissa Chan and Sharon Lee

Blue Apron – Chef by Anna Boyle, Amrita Khoshoo, Deepika Dixit, and Yiwei Huang
Winner in the 2020 Core77 Design Awards

Rethinking Books / Posters
51.367/51.667 - Computational Design Thinking (Fall 2018)
51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2016)

A Dream by heeseo Chun

Craigslist: North Side by Rachel Chang

Designing Participatory Systems
51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2018–19)

Olympic Fts. by Serina Liu and Sherry Wu

Biased Times by Faith Kim

Futuring Social Media

51.302 - Communications Studio IV (Spring 2017–18)

Typemoji by Heeseo Chun, and Faith Kim

Facebook Gather by Lydia Chung, and Kailin Dong

Youtube Stage by Faith Kaufman, Lily Kim, and Sharon Yu

Responsive Real Estate by Christie Chong, Natalie Harmon, and Carolyn Zhou

Twitter Moments by Jessie Headrick, Noah Johnson, and Tiffany Jiang

Abstracting Form & Behavior

51.102 - Freshmen Design Lab/Workshop (Spring 2016–20)

by Jenna Kim, Ikjong Choi, Meijie Hu and Eliza Pratt

by Kailin Dong

by Gautam Bose

Paper Cut Out Stop Motion by Langston Wells, Julia Sanders and Elizabeth Han

Composing Found Letterforms

Pre-college Program (Summer 2017–18)

Found Letters _ Classic

Found Letters _ Modern

Found Letters _ Process


51.711 - MDes/MPS Designing for Interactions (Fall 2017)
51.725 - MDes/MPS Interaction Design Lab (Fall 2015, 2016)
51.428/51.728 - Time, Motion and Communication (Fall 2015)

Words in Motion by Josh Eiten

Words in Motion by Miriam Buchwald

by Alisa Le

by Julia Wong

by Catherine Zheng

Hearing Helmet by Brendon Gouveia

Audio: Drag by Mary Tsai