2012–14 at RISD & RCA


RCA - Personal Tutorial (Spring, Summer 2014)
RISD - Data: Multisensory Representation (Spring 2013)
RISD - Visualizing Data (Summer 2012)
RISD - Form+Code (Winter 2011)

Prior to CMU, I held faculty positions at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the Royal College of Art (RCA). At RISD (2012-13) and RCA (2014), my teaching focused on code-driven, experimental and multi-sensory systems in art and design that use emergent methods, such as algorithmic and generative design using computation. Among the courses that I developed at RISD, my teaching materials for Form+Code course was awarded grand prize by Adobe in the faculty category for Innovation in Traditional Media in Education of Adobe Design Achievement Award in 2012.

RISD Nature Lab by Justin Couch

Symmetric and Responsive Drawing Tool by William Denton

Cultural Camouflage by Matthew Tsang

2001: A Space Odyssey by Haebung Min

Mesh Type by Sang un Jeon

Surface by Xueling Wang

Autotem by Minsun Eo

Word by Kathleen Stevenson

Spatial Rendering of Sound by Jungmin Kim

Within Visibility by Jiayu Liu

Flatland by Amanda Sim

National Anthem by Jonathan Hanahan

Rainbow City by Jennifer Lee